The Rural Law Center of New York, in collaboration with the New York State Bar Association Committee on Courts of Appellate Jurisdiction, is participating in a program that will provide pro bono representation in appeals for selected cases. If you or your client has a case you would like the program to consider, please take the following steps:

1)    Click HERE to download and print out the Program Brochure. The Brochure will explain the program in detail. In order to be considered for representation, a referral must come from either an agency or attorney.

2)    Click HERE to access the fillable Application Form. The form can be completed by inserting your information into each highlighted field. (Note that the form should be filled out jointly by the prospective client and the trial attorney or non-profit organization.)  Once the form is completed, print it out and then email, fax or mail it, following the directions on the top of the first page.

3) Click HERE to download the Pro se Appeals Manual, a guide for self-represented litigants in civil appeals.

Refer to the Brochure for further details about application, screening and selection of Appeals in this program.

This communication is made available by the Rural Law Center of New York, Inc. as a public service and is issued to inform, not to advise.  No person should attempt to interpret or apply any law without the assistance of an attorney.  The opinions expressed in this communication are those of the authors and not of the Rural Law Center's funding sources.

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